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The Aztec King Montezuma


Image Of Freddy Crystals Cave Opening, in Kanab Utah

Montezuma’s Treasure Is A Reality And We Believe It Is Located Here In The Americas, Hidden In Several Locations Spanning At Least Four States, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico And Colorado. Contrary To What Spanish History Records, Moctezuma II, Was A Great And Powerful Warrior King, Who Was Extremely Spiritual And Wise, As Demonstrated When Montezuma Set Out To Test This Stranger Who Claimed To Be Their Returning God, Moctezuma Tested Cortes With Specific Relics That Belonged To Quetzalcoatl, To See How He Would Respond To The Gifts, But Cortes Did Not Accept The Gifts Because They Were Not Made Of Gold, And With This Simple Test Of Character, Montezuma  Knew For Certain That Cortes Was Not The God Man Quetzalcoatl .  So What Really Happen ? 

The Dillman Family Is Helping To Change The Narrative Of American History, By Telling And Writing A New Chapter In The Epic 500 Year Story Of Moctezuma II, Cortes And The Lost Treasure Of The Aztec Civilization.  

Dan Dillman States: Moctezuma II, “ Montezuma”, Was Not Killed By His Own People, Montezuma Did Not Submit To The Spaniards, The Truth Is Montezuma Was Operating And Making Decisions From A Higher Consciousness, Montezuma And All Of The High Priests Of His Kingdom And The Surrounding Kingdoms Had Advance Knowledge Of The Coming Saga And Knew Of The Prophecy That Was Unfolding Before Them, Montezuma And The High Priest Had Dreams And Visions, 12 Years Before The Arrival Of The Spanish Conquistadors, They Knew Of Celestial Signs/Omens, That Would Signal The Time Of The End Of Their Current Reign In Power And So With This Knowledge, 12 Years Earlier, They Began Planning And Moving Their Vast Treasures To Their Sacred Lands Of Aztlan And The Seven Cities Of Cibola, In Chicomoztoc.  

Cortes And The Spaniards May Have Believed That They Were Out Smarting Montezuma, But It Was Montezuma, Who Had Fooled Cortes Many Times, Once By Tricking Cortes Into Releasing His Brother Cuitlahuac, The Lord Of Iztapalapan, Who Had Been Chained As A Prisoner Within The Palace With Other Lords Of The Aztecs, And Another Time By Faking A Fatal Injury And Looming Death, Giving Montezuma, The High Priest And The Aztecs, The Opportunity, To Eject The Spaniards, Giving The Aztecs An Additional Year Head Start To Move The Remaining Treasures To Their Final Resting Place For The Coming Chosen Ones Of The New Age.

Raymond Dillman Believed That Montezuma Survived The Night Of Tears, And The King Himself “ Dead Or Alive”, Lead The Aztec Warriors And Their Treasures To Their Final Resting Place In Aztlan. 

Moctezuma’s Body Has Never Been Found, Nor Has His Burial Location Been Located, So What Do We Know About The Fate Of Montezuma ? 

The Spanish Say The Aztec’s Killed Him, The Aztec’s Say The Spanish Killed Him, Some On Either Side, Have Said He Killed Himself. 

What Did Cortés Say ?

In A Letter To The King Of Spain , Cortes States, I Told Two Of The Indians That Were Captive To Carry Him On The Shoulders To The People. What They Did With Him I Do Not Know; Only The War Did Not Stop Because Of It…

What Did Fray Francisco De Aguilar Say ?

In The Quarters Where He Was Lodged There Were Other Great Lords Being Held With Him And With The Approval Of The Captains Cortes Had Them Killed, Leaving Not A Single One. Later The Bodies Were Removed And Thrown In The Porticos Where The Stores Are Now...

What Did Bernardino Vázquez De Tapia Say ?

They Put Him In A Burlap Sack And Gave Him To Some Indians Who Were Moctezuma’s Servants To Take Him Away; As The Mexican Warriors Saw Him (Dead), They Thought That We Had Killed Him...

If Montezuma Was Alive You Can Imagine The Determination And Strength He Demonstrated Leading The Vast Treasure And Warriors To The North, And If He Did Die From Any Injuries, The High Priests And Aztec Warriors Took Montezuma’s Body With Them To Bury Their King With His Treasures In Their Sacred Homeland Of Aztlan.

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