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Is Utah The Mythical Homeland Of The Aztecs? An 1847 Map Says Yes!


Image Of Freddy Crystals Cave Opening, in Kanab Utah

Is Utah The Mythical Homeland Of The Aztecs? An 1847 Map Says Yes!

There Are So Many Dots To Connect For People When I Start Telling Them Our Story Of Our Quest For Montezuma’s Treasure And The Aztec’s Homeland Of “Aztlan” That We Believe Is Located In Utah. Whenever My Grandfather, Uncles Or Myself Would Tell A Friend About Our Treasure Hunting Adventures, And The Research We Have Conducted On The Subjects, Most Of Them Would Get A Good Laugh And Tell Us We Had A Great Imagination And That There Is No Evidence To Backup Our Claims. 

Every Once In A While, One Of Our Friends Would Inquire About The Information We Were Sharing With Them Especially When They Could Tell We Were Being Dead Serious About Our Claims And They Would Ask Us To Explain How We Came To Such Fantastic Ideas.

One Of The Facts That I Consistently Point Out To People When Discussing The Clues That Point To An Aztec Utah Connection Is The Language Used And Spoken By Many Of The Tribes Who Have Lived In Utah. The Aztecs Spoke A Language Called Nahuatl And So Did The Ute Tribe Of Utah And The Toltecs, Whom We Believe Are Of The Same Family As The Aztecs And Are Generally Called The Anasazi, “The Ancient Ones”. 

In Fact, It Has Always Been My Grandfather’s Theory That The Anasazi, Toltecs, Aztecs, Maya And Inca Are All One Family Who Over Time During Their Migration Began To Go Separate Ways, As Some Were Against Human Sacrifice And Others Were Not. So, This Was A Major Reason For The Native Families To Go Their Separate Ways As They Wanted To Practice Their Spirituality Differently. 

It Is Also A Known Fact That The Anasazi Culture Began To Decline At About The Same Time That The Aztecs Ancestors Were Supposed To Have Left Aztlan Heading South To The Founding Of Tenochtitlan. It Is A Fact That The Anasazi/Toltecs Spoke The Nahuatl Language As Well. So, There Are Several Tribes That Speak The Same Language With Major Connections Found In Utah, This Fact Alone Is So Important And Simple That Some Just Don’t Want To Discuss It Because It Really Can’t Be Challenged. 

There Is A Newspaper Article From The Salt Lake Tribune Written On Sunday November 17, 2002, With The Title “Bits Of History Suggest Utah Is Location Of Mythic Aztlan”. In This Article There Are Several Notable Individuals Who Gave Their Opinion On The Subject Of The Aztecs And Aztlan That I Would Like To Share With You Here. The First Quote I Am Sharing Corroborates My First Point Of The Language Connections I Utah. Northern Arizona University Archaeologist Kelley Hays-Gilpin Commented “I Acknowledge The Linguistic Connection Between The Aztecs And Utes As Well Economic Interaction Between Mesoamerican And North American Peoples.” So Current Academia Admits The Language Connection And They Agree That There Was Trading Of Goods Going On Between Them, I Think My Case Is Closed In Proving My Families Point That The Aztecs Were In Utah But Let Me Continue To Share Some More Fantastic Information.

In The Late 70’S Or Early 80’S, I Remember When My Grandfather First Showed The Family A Copy Of An 1847 Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo Map, That He Said Pinpointed The Aztecs Homeland “Aztlan” Was In Utah. I Can Remember One Of My Uncles Saying My Grandfather Was Crazy, But After Looking At The Map Everyone Knew He Didn’t Make It Up, Here Was Indisputable Proof On An almost Unknown Government Treaty Map. 

My Family Up Until Now Really Hasn’t Shared Our Private Personal Research And Information About Montezuma’s Treasure And The Aztec Homeland Of Aztlan, Outside Of Our Family And Close Friends, So When This Article Came Out In 2002, My Uncles And I Would Chuckle To Ourselves About How Many Years Behind Everyone Else Was Compared To My Grandfather Raymond Dillman’s Research. Don’t Get Me Wrong It Was Also A Great Feeling To Hear Talk About The 1847 Map Coming From Other Experts Such As University Professor Armando Solorzano As It Would Continually Solidify My Grandfather Research And That He Had Left Us With A Wealth Of Priceless Information. 

The Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo (Spanish: Tratado De Guadalupe Hidalgo), Officially Titled The Treaty Of Peace, Friendship, Limits And Settlement Between The United States Of America And The Mexican Republic, Is The Peace Treaty That Was Signed On February 2, 1848, In The Villa De Guadalupe Hidalgo (Now A Neighborhood Of Mexico City) Between The United States And Mexico That Ended The Mexican–American War (1846–1848). The Treaty Was Ratified By The United States On March 10 And By Mexico On May 19.

The Ratifications Were Exchanged On May 30, And The Treaty Was Proclaimed On July 4, 1848. With The Defeat Of Its Army And The Fall Of Its Capital In September 1847, Mexico Entered Into Negotiations With The U.S. Peace Envoy, Nicholas Trist, To End The War. On The Mexican Side, There Were Factions That Did Not Concede Defeat Or Seek To Engage In Negotiations. The Treaty Called For The United States To Pay US $15 Million To Mexico And To Pay Off The Claims Of American Citizens Against Mexico Up To US $5 Million. 

It Gave The United States The Rio Grande As A Boundary For Texas, And Gave The U.S. Ownership Of California And A Large Area Comprising Roughly Half Of New Mexico, Most Of Arizona, Nevada, Utah And Colorado. Mexicans In Those Annexed Areas Had The Choice Of Relocating To Within Mexico's New Boundaries Or Receiving American Citizenship With Full Civil Rights. 

So The 1847 Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo Map Was Incredibly Important To Both Sides, The Mexicans And Americans. This Map Set The Boundaries And Ownership Of Each Others Nation And Land. I Am Confident That The Mexican Negotiators Wanted Their Ancient Ancestors Homeland Documented And It Must Have Been An Absolute Demand To Forever Have Their Sacred Homeland Aztlan Recorded In Their Treaty. So, The Map Of 1847 Is Another Fact That Points To Utah As The Mythic Homeland Aztlan Being A Reality. How Can Anyone Dispute This Map That Was Agreed Upon By Two Nations, Based On Their Treaty Of Peace Between The Nations. This Map And Its Existence Is Undeniable Proof That Should Convince Any Unbelievers. 

Another Notable Individual Who Has Done A lot Of Research On The Aztec Utah Subject Is Roger Blomquist, Whom I Consider A Friend, And He Appears In Our Family Documentary “Secrets Of The Stone Tablets In Search Of Montezuma’s Treasure”. Roger Was Also Featured And Quoted In This Newspaper Article, “Roger Blomquist A Doctoral Candidate In American Frontier History Whose Dissertation Explores Aztec Origins In Utah, Focuses On The Uinta Mountains, Believes That Aztecs, Who Would Have Heard Ancestral Stories, Advised 17Th Century Spanish Prospectors To Look For Gold In Northeastern Utah.”

Blomquist Also Cites A "Natural Temple Site" In The Uintas Near Vernal. Roger Says, “There Is A 200-Foot-High Mound With Footsteps Carved Into It And An Altar Sized Boulder At Its Base That Mirrors Temples He Has Seen In Mexico, Such As Monte Alban Outside Of Oaxaca.”

On A Rock At The Site Are Petroglyphs Of A Warrior And His Family That Blomquist Says Don't Resemble Rock Art Of The Fremont People Known To Have Inhabited Utah. And The Warrior Is Carrying A Long Sword Like Object That Broadens To A Blunt End, Like A Cleaver, Which Blomquist Likens To A Mesoamerican Weapon Called A Macana. So, Roger Makes Some Great Points And Provides More Clues And Evidence That Utah Is The Aztec’s Homeland.

My Other Good Friend And One Of My Mentors Cecilio Orozco Who Also Appears In My Families Documentary, “Secrets Of The Stone Tablet’s In Search Of Montezuma’s Treasure, Which You Can Rent Or Buy On Amazon Video”, Was Also Quoted In The 2002 Newspaper Article Citing A Portion Of His Research On The Subject, Cecilio Was A Professor At The University In Fresno. Cecilio Was Conduction Research With His Mentor Alfonso Rivas-Salmon In Utah At Sego Canyon And Had Observed Petroglyphs In Sego Canyon, About 30 Miles East Of Green River That Correspond To The Aztec Calendar's Mathematical Formula Of Five Orbits Of Venus For Every Eight Earth Year. On One Of The Canyon's Sandstone Walls Are Two Petroglyphs Of Knotted String, One With Five Strings Hanging Down, The Other With Eight. This Is A Major Discovery That Most Are Unaware Of And It Proves That The Aztec Celestial Knowledge Is Written In The Stones Of Utah.

Chicomoztoc, Which Means "Seven Caves," The Place From Which The Aztecs Believed They Came, Was The Nahautl Word For The Mouth Or Womb And Antelope Island In Utah Has Seven Caves, Another Interesting Connection To Make.

There Are Many Other Montezuma, Aztec Connections To Share But I Will Share That Information Later, As I Normally Prefer To Keep These Articles Short And Direct When Possible.

I Hope That You Learned Something New Today From My Article/Blog. I Can’t Even Begin To Tell You How Honored My Family Is That We Get To Continue In The Work Of Proving My Grandfather’s Theory’s And Research And How Exciting It Is To Prepare To Visit The Next Location Left To Us By My Uncles And My Grandfather To Investigate. We Will Keep You Updated. We Continue To Film And Document The Adventures.

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