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Have You Ever Wondered How It Could Be Possible For The Aztec's To Move Their Treasure's North 1500 Miles To Utah ?


Image Of Freddy Crystals Cave Opening, in Kanab Utah

Have You Ever Wondered How It Could Be Possible For The Aztec's To Move Their Treasure's North 1500 Miles To Utah ? 

There Were No Cars, Trains Or Planes, So How Could This Monumental Quest Be Possible?

My Goal Today Is To Share With You The Realistic, Plausible, Achievable Known Methods Used By The Aztecs, To Move And Hide Their Treasure's.

My Theories Are Not Based On Fiction Or Myths, But They Are Based On A Solid Factual Foundations Of Truth, Lots Of These Facts Are Now Available For Any Other Researches To Find, Especially Today With The Advent Of The Internet.

My Family's Generational Knowledge, Research And Information Have Enabled Us To Connected The Dots That Others Have Not, We Have Also Tapped Into The Source Of Hidden Knowledge, Not Easily Accessible To Others, Now Some Have Called This Invisible Source Of Knowledge And Wisdom The Akashic Records, But I Call It Divine, Cosmic Mind. So This Is Where I Go To Receive Intuition And Inspiration Connecting The Collection Of Historical Facts, Oral Tradition And Cosmic Wisdom That Reconstruct The Events From The Past In My Minds Eye Of Imagination, To Share With You Today. It Is The Way, That My Grandfather Was Also Able To Achieve The Seeming Impossible

The Quote Un-Quote Theories I am About To Share With You Can Not Be Disproved, And Although I am Not Trying To Make You A Believer In Anything I am Saying, My Hope Is That You Will Feel That You Have Heard A Legitimate Theory That Has Been Presented To You, That It Was Absolutely Plausible For Montezuma To Have Moved His Kingdoms Treasures North To Utah Over 1500 Miles. 

We Believe Montezuma Began Moving The Aztec Treasures 10-12 Years Before Cortes Ever Arrived! And We Also Believe That It Was After The Night Of Tears That Montezuma Himself Lead The Last Of The Treasure Back To Utah. 

I Will Get Into More Details About The 10 To 12 Year Advance Notice That Montezuma Had Of The Impending Ending Of The Empire In A Future Episode. Right Now I Am Here To Share A Brief Overview Of How The Treasure Was Moved.

Montezuma's Treasure Is Estimated To Be Priceless And By Todays Standards Worth Billions Maybe Even Trillions Of Dollars,  We Know It Was A Vast Amount Of Treasure, Gold, Silver, Artifacts, Jewels, Ancient Relics, Ancient Records And So Much More

So How Was The Mind Blowing Amount Of Treasure Moved ? 

Montezuma Was The King, The Emperor Of The Aztecs, He Was Also A Highly Advanced Soul, He Was The High Priest, He Was Taught The Esoteric Mysteries, The Same Type Of Schools As The Egyptians High Priests And Other Advanced Civilizations Would Have Known, He Was Taught The Secrets Of The Sciences, Mathematics, Astronomy, Planning And Military Strategies. So He Was Not Only A King But The Supreme Leader In Every Aspect Of The Human Experience.

So Montezuma Had The Knowledge And Expertise To Lead The Mission.

Montezuma Had An Army And Navy Like Todays Super Powers, So Montezuma Used  His Large Elite Force Of Warriors, Some Of Which Were Called The Raramuri Or Tarahumara, Think Of Them As Montezuma's Elite Covert Navy Seals, Rangers And Extreme Athletes For Carrying Messages, Products Or Whatever Else Montezuma Wanted Sent Traded Or Received From One Part Of His Kingdom Or To Another Kingdom. 

So Montezuma’s Would Need The Man Power To Move The Treasures, He Would Need Trained Warriors Who Could Carry Out The Critical Mission.

So We Now Have The Answer To This First Question 

Who Could Accomplish The Job For Montezuma?, 

It Is The Elite Aztec Warriors And The Elite Runners.

Cortés In His Letters To The King Of Spain Said Montezuma Had An Elite Group Of Amazingly Fast Runners To Carry Messages And Items From One Part Of The Aztec Kingdom To Another. Hernán Cortés Said That The Runners Could Collectively Travel Hundreds Of Miles Miles Easily In A Short Amount Of Time. Imagine How Much They Could Have Moved Over A 10 To 12 Year Time Frame.

The Next Question You Might Ask Is How Would They Know Where To Go ? And How Would They Get There ?

We Need A Credible Route For The Aztecs To Take. Many May Not Know That The Aztecs Had Established Trade Routes. They Had An Expansive Network Of Merchants And Traders In Place For Generations All Throughout The Americas And All Over The World. These Are Verifiable Facts.

Montezuma Was Even Known To Have A “Zoo” As We Would Call Them Today, Where He Had Exotic Animals, Plants, Objects And People From All Over The World On Exhibit. This Is Also A Verifiable Fact.

The Aztecs Had Also Created An Elaborate Set Of Maps And Markers To Water Sources "Sacred Water Stones", Or Water Glyphs As They Are Now Called To Guide Them Safely On Their Return Back To Aztlan. 

These Water Maps Were Available The Entire North To South Route And Could Provide Life Sustaining Water And Natural Resources For The Thousands Of Warriors And Runners On Their Journey Back To Aztlan To Hide The Treasure. 

Archeologist And Researchers Have Now Documented Over 400 Of These Sacred Water Glyphs And Are Finally Coming Around To The Idea Of Their Purpose.

And Most Importantly, Let Us Not Forget That This Would Be At Least The Second Time The Aztecs Moved Their Entire Empire Of Treasures And People, The First Time Was When They Left Aztlan Traveling North To South In The Founding Of Tenochtitlan. This Is Another Verifiable Fact.

So It Was Possible For The Aztec To Have Moved A Great Amount Of People And Treasures Through The Desert Thousands Of Miles To Utah, They Would Have Used Their Existing Runners, Warriors And Trade Merchants And Their Existing Established Trade Routes That Provided All The Resources They Needed To Survive The Journey. 

So The Aztecs Could And Would Make This Journey Many Times By Land And By The Great Rivers, They Would Make These Journeys Over A 10 To 12 Year Time Period. Then As Montezuma’s Brother Lead The Revolt Against The Spanish, At The Same Time Montezuma Had Been Faking His Impending Death, Working With His Brother Again Fooling Cortes And His Men For The Final Time.

Immediately Following The Night Of Tears Montezuma  Lead An Elite Team Of Warriors Back North To Utah With Their Most Important Sacred Treasures, The Ancient Records Of Wisdom, The Sciences, Mathematics, Astrology, Technology, Ancestry And More. Because The Aztecs Have Always Been One Of The Original Keepers Of The Ancient Records Of Atlantis And The Children Of The Stars.

I Could Spend Hours Weeks And Months Diving Down Deep Into The Many Areas Of Details Surrounding This Simple But Important Episode, But For Those Who Have Never Been Able To Fathom Or Wrap Their Minds Around How It Could Have Been Possible For The Aztecs To Travel To Utah, Or To Move Their Vast Treasures To Hide In Multiple Locations Throughout The Southwest In Utah, New Mexico And Arizona, I Hope You Can Now See The Absolute Plausibility Of It All Being Possible That Montezuma Had The Leadership Skills, The Routes To Take, The Man Power To Carry The Treasures And The Generational Knowledge To Go Back To Their Sacred Lands And That Montezuma’s Treasure Is Still Out There Hidden In These Locations, Waiting To Be Discovered By The Chosen Ones.

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Until We Meet Again Somewhere Deep Within The Cosmos!

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